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SEAQ, located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a consulting firm specializing in studying and immigration in Quebec, which is constituted by experienced lawyers, immigration consultants, study consultants, property consultants.

Our team also maintains a good long term cooperative relationship with many well-known educational institutions in Quebec, so that we are able to help students enjoy the Quebec’s unique, high quality education resources without any uncertainty.

School Application

No matter high school, college or university that you are willing to attend, our professional consulting group will help you plan the applications, enhance your background, choose the right school and finish application procedure. Make sure that your dream of studying in Quebec comes true.

Visa Application

Since required documents of visa application vary greatly and immigration policy changes quite often, many applicants find it hard to apply for visa correctly and successfully. If you are confused about the application and worried about the result, SEAQ is here to help you to increase the possibility of passing. With us, take the first step of immigrating or studying aboard more steadily.

Immigration Application

The SEAQ immigration team is made up of certified lawyers and experienced immigration consultants working together to realize your dream of immigrating to Canada. We are specialized in Quebec immigration services, such as Quebec Experience Program (PEQ), Skilled Worker Program, and Investors Immigration and so on. It is time to hand over professional affairs to professional us

We offer a broad range of



  1. Before the student departs, our consultants will communicate with students carefully and detailly, confirm the time of flight, and tell students how to deal with some questions that might be posed by custom officer.
  2. After the flight is landed for half an hour, our consultants will wait at the exit of international arrival with a cardboard in hand that has our logo and name of the student on it. As long as we meet with the student, we will inform parents at once.
  3. While we are transferring students to their settlements, consultants will discuss with them about the city and daily life in Canada.
  4. It will be the best to exchange contacts, in order to keep in touch.
  5. If it’s needed, we also offer paid transportation to airport.


If you ever encounter problems while looking for a proper settlement that suits you, we are here to help you with getting settled in Canada. If you are under 18 and want to have an insight on local culture, we recommend home-stay, which allows you to live with local host families. We will arrange it and make it the best experience. If you prefer living alone, we can also help you with renting a condo or house.


Canada offers a variety of banks, but to choose the financial plan that suits you best, we offer bank services, which includes financial consultation and arrangement of bank account. With our rich experience of financial management, we will help you to make the best deal and you need not to worry about it.


In an unfamiliar environment, to stay connected is extremely important. The contracts of mobile cards can be quite different from your country of origin, and sometimes it could be confusing as well. We can handle the registration of mobile cards for you, and choose the fittest plan accordingly. You don’t need to worry about running out of data and get stranded in nowhere any more.


Our academic consultants can also be the legal guardians of students, paying close attention to the academic life of students and keep in touch with their parents


Tax: Every international student has to purchase and get taxed, but the thing that many people are not aware of is that foreign students have the same right of local residents in term of tax-return. SEAQ have professional accountants that can help you with tax statements and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Medical: Without good health, it is impossible to start a new life in Canada. But when an unexpected condition occurs, many people have no clue about where to go. To keep you in good health, our consultants offer you information about medical treatment. No matter if you need to arrange an appointment with doctors, or just wondering what kind of medicine you need to buy, we can give you the answer to these questions.


If you fancy the Permanent Residency and you find yourself in need of playing the long-term, our real-estate agent will offer the best choices of properties available for purchasing. Investing, purchasing houses in Canada can be much easier than you thought with our professional agents.


Being in a foreign country, there might be inconveniences and problems. Our education consultant can help you with problems encountered in your daily life and always be there for you. For instance:

  • Appointing translators
  • Arranging homestay/Renting or purchasing property
  • Purchasing phone cards and internet access
  • Airport pick-up
  • Visiting schools and registration
  • Purchasing insurance
  • Opening bank account
  • Purchasing bus card
  • Contacting hospital or Clinique
  • Answering questions about daily life


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